crochet sheep large crochet sheep toy

Awesome Crochet Sheep ( A Pattern Review)

My first crochet pattern that I have competed recently for my local community Flower Show to auction to raise funds. Was this adorable very large crocheted sheep.

It is a PAID pattern available to download from @Delicious Crochet on Etsy and is probably one of the most awesome crochet projects I have made to date.

It was so easy to follow, as long as you know how to crochet the loop stitch which makes up the majority of the sheep’s body, so it can get tough on your fingers at times but the overall effect is so worth it.

crochet sheep pattern

I was in awe of how brilliantly simple this pattern is, yet the eyes give an almost real touch to it. As you can see by my own photo the finished item is rather large making this an awesome gift idea for a new baby to sit in the nursery.

As you can see by use of my gorgeous models my Bulldog Isabelle and my Douge de boudeaux Vinnie this sheep is pretty big. And they definitely had their eyes on it

It was a show stopper at our local country fair and the raffle.

crochet sheep-large crochet sheep toy



Honestly IF you are looking for unusual crochet toys (some are very cartoonish and realistic looking, I personally love the wooly mammoth, and the Llama then you need to visit @Delicious Crochet on Etsy and view all their patterns, Very reasonably priced considering the amount of work put into them, and how they turn out.

Look out for my next finished crochet project

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